Thursday, November 12, 2015

Simple Magic Tricks (part 1 of 2)

There is nothing more entertaining to do at parties or gatherings than doing a number of simple magic tricks. There are a number of magic tricks that are fairly easy to learn. You do not need to have extraordinary talent to do such magic tricks for entertainment. All you will need is some time to read and understand the trick as well as to practice. Here are some simple magic tricks that you can try out:

The Non-Bursting Balloon
If you have ever seen magicians push a needle into a balloon only to amazingly see it still inflated and not bursting, this trick will give you in on the secret. For this simple magic trick, you will need an inflated balloon, a sharp pin long enough for your audience to see and a tiny piece of transparent adhesive tape. To prepare for this trick, you take a small piece of adhesive tape and place it somewhere in the part of the balloon where you wish to push the sharp pin into. Make sure to stick it so that it evenly adheres to the rubber surface of the balloon.

In doing this trick, try to tell your audience that you will attempt to insert a pin into an inflated balloon without letting it burst as what will usually happen. Take the inflated balloon in your hand and hold a sharp pin with the other. Slowly try to bring them together. As you do so, try to locate the area where you have placed a tiny piece of adhesive tape. Then try to gently insert the sharp pin into it.

Make sure that you do this carefully by rolling the pin as you try to insert it into the balloon. Slowly you will see the pin going through the balloon, incredibly without the balloon bursting.

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