Thursday, November 12, 2015

Simple Magic Tricks (part 2 of 2)
The secret to this trick is that the adhesive tape holds together the rubber surface of the balloon even when the sharp pin is inserted through it and preventing it from tearing apart. What you get is a balloon with a hole but does not burst. In doing the trick, try to show the audience that you have successfully inserted a sharp pin into the balloon without bursting. But to let them know that you are using an ordinary pin.

Take it out slowly and then use it again to pierce the balloon and let it burst. You may need to do this before the balloon releases the air inside it which will obviously give your secret trick away.

Mysterious Coin Balance
Here is another simple trick that would surely amaze your audience but would require a bit of dexterity using your hands.  You will need a large coin and then a straight pin to make this trick work. In order to do this trick, try to practice concealing the straight pin in one hand. With the other hand, try to take the large coin out of your pocket and show it to the audience.

Tell your audience that you will try to use your mind over matter abilities in order to make the large coin stand up between your fingertips.  Allow the audience to take a closer look at the coin to convince them that it is just an ordinary coin. Or you can choose to use a coin from a volunteer.

Once you have the coin back, place it on top of your fingertips where you have concealed the straight pin.  Now raise the coin to a standing position along with the straight pin. Do this while keeping the pin and the coin close together. Then slowly remove your hand from the coin and it will magically stand up, with the help of the straight pin that only you know is there.

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